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  • Showcase branding in a supermarket chain store
  • Entrance door branding with perforated foil
  • Truck logo branding
  • Large window branding on perforated foil
  • Company vehicle branding
  • Branding of a large facade window with PVC foil
  • Branding of a refrigerated showcase in a large supermarket
  • Branding of a refrigerated showcase with PVC foil
  • Branding of shelves with PVC foil for large stores throughout the country
  • Designed and installed PVC foil on a store window
  • Design and construction of an advertisement on an indoor shelve
  • Branding of a full element on a large scale
  • Branding with vinyl
  • Branding of a full element on a large scale
  • Branding of a store window in PVC foil

Vehicle Branding

We at Brand Print offer all types of vehicle branding. We not only brand cars but we also brand;

Trucks, Buses, Machines etc.


We offer our customers a few variations of the final product from their instructions on our hitch designer software. So they can see what the final product will look like before it has even began, and they than can make up their mind from the variations.

Vehicle branding has become a very popular form of advertising in recent years due to the vast increase in vehicles on our roads. Therefore the visual has to be; clearly printed, well designed, well installed on the vehicle. We take it a step further here at Brand Print in making sure our print and our materials are well suited for the suns rays, making the advert vibrant and long lasting for the full satisfaction of our clients. We have an allocated workshop which is specifically used for the installation of the media onto the vehicle. We have invested in this because it is crucial for the media to be installed dust free, which increases the life span.