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  • Showcase branding in a supermarket chain store
  • Entrance door branding with perforated foil
  • Truck logo branding
  • Large window branding on perforated foil
  • Company vehicle branding
  • Branding of a large facade window with PVC foil
  • Branding of a refrigerated showcase in a large supermarket
  • Branding of a refrigerated showcase with PVC foil
  • Branding of shelves with PVC foil for large stores throughout the country
  • Designed and installed PVC foil on a store window
  • Design and construction of an advertisement on an indoor shelve
  • Branding of a full element on a large scale
  • Branding with vinyl
  • Branding of a full element on a large scale
  • Branding of a store window in PVC foil

  • Vinyl printing and installation

PVC Printing

What is PVC Folio used for?

PVC folio is the perfect material for printing on so you could brand/stick onto smooth surfaces. The most wide spread use for the PVC folio is for branding of showcases. The printing on the PVC folio is determined by a few factors. If the showcase is on a large scale, then the printing does not need to be on a high resolution since it will be seen from far. If the print is on a small scale for interior spaces, than it will be printed in a high resolution since it would be seen close up. The use of PVC branding is not only a good form of advertising but it is also a relatively cheap method too.

What is Perforated Folio used for?

We also specialize in perforated foil. Perforated foil is also used for showcase/window branding,but in this case this foil is made up of  many little perforated holes. It is effective because it acts like the PVC folio from the outside,which means that you can print a good quality image and from far it wont be noticed that it is perforated. The advantage is that when applied on a window, the vision from the inside is not obscured when looking outwards. It also allows light to come through so the inside space is not blocked out of light.

What is Vinyl used for?

Vinyl is widely used for  outdoor advertising. The reason for that is because it is a very tough material and it can withstand the rough outdoor conditions. Vinyl is used in: billboards, POS stands, Banners etc. Printing on this media allows for a high resolution picture to be printed on a large vinyl without losing its quality. This is very important since billboards are of a large scale and the picture quality could get affected. Vinyl is tough enough so you could install eyelets and they could be hung up for a display.

Our vinyls are of great quality. They have a long life span and we use waterproof ink so they wont be any problems when exposed to wet conditions. For our printing process on vinyl, we use a high resolution of 1440 DPI so your message will be loud and clear from close and from a far. For your billboard, we offer you an aluminum bracket to hold up the vinyl and stiffen it from all angles.