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  • Showcase branding in a supermarket chain store
  • Entrance door branding with perforated foil
  • Truck logo branding
  • Large window branding on perforated foil
  • Company vehicle branding
  • Branding of a large facade window with PVC foil
  • Branding of a refrigerated showcase in a large supermarket
  • Branding of a refrigerated showcase with PVC foil
  • Branding of shelves with PVC foil for large stores throughout the country
  • Designed and installed PVC foil on a store window
  • Design and construction of an advertisement on an indoor shelve
  • Branding of a full element on a large scale
  • Branding with vinyl
  • Branding of a full element on a large scale
  • Branding of a store window in PVC foil

Textile Printing

The latest option we are offering to our clients is direct printing on textiles. We use innovative, modern technology in order to achieve maximum effect, high-quality, durability and image intensity. We work with different colorful textiles since the result is always unsurpassed.

For the placement of the prints on t-shirts we use a wide range of stamps as well as we offer the option to each one of our clients to accomplish his own idea. Fortunately, we also dedicate ourselves to our customers with help designing a new, original and individual composition.
In addition, we present development of single pieces of textile printing as well as in bulk quantity. Thanks to our technological opportunities we have the possibility to match quality with reasonable price.